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We at Dastardly Banana Productions (both of us!)are committed to helping the community that has been soo good to us. Because of that, we are currently working on making the assets of our game available on this site. First, though, we have to clean up the scripts and make sure that they work independently from the rest of our game, so it could take time for all ouf the assets to be available.

The best places for Unity support and assets are the Unity forum and the Unity Wiki, as well as Unity's site, which has several tutorials and sample projects.

Available Downloads

Radar - for tracking enemies or other GameObjects by tag

FPS Weapons - For creating weapons for FPS games


Future Downloads

Wave Spawning

Enemy AI

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About Us

Dastardly Banana Productions is an independent game developer which works exclusively with the Unity game engine. Based in Connecticut, Dastardly Banana Productions is run by a high school student and his father, Dastardly Banana Productions' goal is to create great games and to provide resources to its fellow Unity developers.

What's New

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